Spring Meadow Infant, Nursery School & Infant Assessment Unit

Welcome to Spring Meadow Infant and Nursery School with a specialist provision for children with additional learning needs. We are an inclusive school. Staff and Governors are extremely proud of the children at Spring Meadow and the manner in which they conduct themselves at such a young age. Every member of the team strives to personalise learning for each child so that opportunities are enjoyable, that children make decisions about what they would like to learn and that good progress is made. We have an enthusiastic school council who let us know what they would like us to achieve as a school and we value the voice of each child.

Our school nursery provision has large open plan spaces where the number of opportunities to play are too many to count. We currently offer 15 hours nursery provision per week, but this is planned to increase in 2020 to 30 hours per week with wrap around care, if there is a demand for this.

We are a kind and caring community and would encourage visitors and prospective parents to come and see what we do and how this impacts positively on our children. Staff are always welcoming and helpful, putting you at ease. If you would like to come and visit at any time or if you would like to join an organised visit, please contact the school office or via the website message service to make an appointment. Organised visits take place across the autumn term and into the spring term too with a focus on Nursery and Reception.

Our website is still developing and is always changing and being up-dated, keeping up with the many improvements made each year, so we stay at the forefront of best practice. Do keep popping back to visit us and find out what exciting things are happening!


  • Year 2 drama Fenlands
    Year 2 drama Fenlands
  • Lunchtime activities
    Lunchtime activities
  • Lunchtime play with the Head Teacher
    Lunchtime play with the Head Teacher
  • Nursery friends
    Nursery friends
  • Reception outdoor learning
    Reception outdoor learning
  • Year 1 Jazz dancing enhancement lessons
    Year 1 Jazz dancing enhancement lessons

Spring Meadow Pupil Well-Being

A mentally healthy school is one that adopts a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing. All our staff have been trained in the use of STEPS. As a result we always provide a therapeutic approach to supporting our children, encouraging them to succeed in all they do, able to make a positive contribution. Our well-being champions are Mrs Snape and Mrs Wodehouse. If you have any concerns about well-being or mental health please ask to speak with one of our school champions.




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