The school is reopening .

Corona Virus: School reopens fully for children
on 7th September 2020.

This is the final letter from me as the Head Teacher at the end of a difficult, challenging and frustrating year.

Our current Year 2 children have now all had their induction at their new schools and most of our children from Nursery to Year 2 have met their new teachers, with their parents. So we are all ready for the new school year!

We had a wonderful send off for the Year 2s moving up to their Junior schools, with hats and ice lollies kindly donated by the PSA and graduation certificates, sharing wonderful memories of their time at Spring Meadow. If your child did not attend, we will be in touch so we can give your child their leaving gifts!

It only leaves me to say a very fond farewell to parents who we will no longer see, wishing you all the very best for the future and a wonderful summer break with your children. For all of our families, some new and many returning in September, have a wonderful summer break too and begin to look forward to the autumn term when we hope life has the usual patterns to it for us all.

I have completed the school’s Covid 19 Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of all entering the site from 7th  September, the first day of term for Years One and Two only.  I am now able to inform you of the times your child will need to arrive for school and depart on a daily basis. If you have more than one child attending Spring Meadow, please arrive for school at the earliest time on the chart below. We will admit both children at the earlier time - this is only for two children in the same family. Early Years children (Nursery and Reception) are not in school 7th-11th September and have a special Induction programme of visits. We will continue to provide home learning and begin to deliver some on-line lessons and telephone communications to support progress for our children.

On entry, you will note a one-way system in place and all adults will be required to follow the 2-metre distancing guidance. Click here for a plan of the site showing the access routes.

Best wishes and kind regards as always.

Annette Blewett

Head Teacher

  • Year 2 drama Fenlands
    Year 2 drama Fenlands
  • Lunchtime activities
    Lunchtime activities
  • Lunchtime play with the Head Teacher
    Lunchtime play with the Head Teacher
  • Nursery friends
    Nursery friends
  • Reception outdoor learning
    Reception outdoor learning
  • Year 1 Jazz dancing enhancement lessons
    Year 1 Jazz dancing enhancement lessons

Spring Meadow Pupil Well-Being

A mentally healthy school is one that adopts a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing. All our staff have been trained in the use of STEPS. As a result we always provide a therapeutic approach to supporting our children, encouraging them to succeed in all they do, able to make a positive contribution. Our well-being champions are Mrs Snape and Mrs Wodehouse. If you have any concerns about well-being or mental health please ask to speak with one of our school champions.




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