The school is now closed.

Corona Virus:  School remains closed - Update news and information to support home learning.

We continue to provide care on a daily basis for children of Key Workers. We also continue to provide home learning for you to access via our website and hope that there is something for you to access each day to support your child at home.

Miss Hodson (Daisy Class) has read some lovely stories to the children for you to access. These are on the Tapestry platform. If you are a Reception or Nursery parent do go on-line and see what she is up to, it will be very entertaining I know.

We welcome your feedback on home learning being posted to date, do let us know what you would welcome as the school closure continues. We have set up a specific e-mail address for all parents to use to contact teachers regarding home learning. All teachers monitor the mail box each day of the working week.

The mail box is for you to do be able to do the following:

  • Ask for clarification of a particular activity which has been set.
  • Request a simplified version of a task for a child who has a specific learning need.
  • Challenging work or simplified support work should be included, but ask the teacher for help if you feel this is missing in a task.
  • For parents to share an excellent piece of work or to show photographs of topic work undertaken. We would love to see this and possibly add to the gallery on our website if your child has permission for this to be done.
  • To tell us what you have enjoyed and what else you would welcome seeing.

The teachers will not be able to mark work and return, so please do not send this to them. During the school closure work set is for the purposes of practise, we will get back to marking work we have set when we return at the end of this period of isolation. If you have not yet accessed the home learning go to the tab at the top of the home page and click on Learning and then the first drop down contains the Home Learning.

Learning needs to be fun and enjoyable. If your child prefers to read a different book, play a game rather than learn their phonics, please follow the interests of your child and enable them to see learning as fun.

Please complete the attached proforma and return to the school office should you fall into the Key/Critical Worker category.  No child care will be provided without completion of this form

Annette Blewett

Head Teacher


  • Year 2 drama Fenlands
    Year 2 drama Fenlands
  • Lunchtime activities
    Lunchtime activities
  • Lunchtime play with the Head Teacher
    Lunchtime play with the Head Teacher
  • Nursery friends
    Nursery friends
  • Reception outdoor learning
    Reception outdoor learning
  • Year 1 Jazz dancing enhancement lessons
    Year 1 Jazz dancing enhancement lessons

Spring Meadow Pupil Well-Being

A mentally healthy school is one that adopts a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing. All our staff have been trained in the use of STEPS. As a result we always provide a therapeutic approach to supporting our children, encouraging them to succeed in all they do, able to make a positive contribution. Our well-being champions are Mrs Snape and Mrs Wodehouse. If you have any concerns about well-being or mental health please ask to speak with one of our school champions.



Spring Meadow Infant & Nursery School will be closed until further notice.

Please keep checking the website for further announcements.



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