Spring Meadow Nursery is an important  part of our Infant School, as the first step in a child’s learning journey. We have 2 classes in the morning and 2 classes in the afternoon, running from 8.45 – 11.45 and 12.30 – 3.30, with a Lunch Club (£3 per day) available as an extra hour of the session.

The Nursery is run by 2 qualified, experienced teachers and 4 TAs work closely alongside the teachers in planning and meeting the needs of the children.




More Information:

  1. Nursery Staff

    Butterfly Nursery

    • Mrs Anthea Jones Nursery Teacher & Year Group Leader
    • Mrs Kate Suswain Teacher (Thursday)
    • Mrs Tracey Wymer Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs Karen Hornsey 1:1 a.m. Teaching Assistant

    Ladybird Nursery

    • Mrs Laura Woods Teacher (Monday – Wednesday am)
    • Mrs Lianna Hodson Teacher (Wednesday pm – Friday)
    • Mrs Tracey Rice Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs Suzanne Jones 1:1 Teaching Assistant am/Teaching Assistant pm
    • Mrs Angela Gipp 1:1 Teaching Assistant am
  2. Nursery Poem

    Child’s play  – a poem to illustrate our philosophy in Nursery

    Oh, what a busy morning!
    I’ve been playing with the dough
    And, with a little help, upon a card
    I learned to sew.


    I helped my friend, ‘the doctor’
    to perform an operation,
    then fixed the track together for
    my train and built a station.


    I popped inside the home corner,
    to make a cup of tea
    and stood beside the cooker making lunch for
    twenty three!


    I completed three whole jigsaws and
    played a new board game
    And had a turn on all the bikes,
    the slide and climbing frame.


    I handed round the biscuits at
    ‘milk and biscuits’ time,
    Then I listened to the story and sang
    a nursery rhyme.


    But now the morning’s over and the
    parents are all waiting.
    I hope none of them say,