Rainbow Class

Welcome to Rainbow Class. We do hope that you enjoy your stay with us. 

  1. Rainbow Staff

    Rainbow Staff:

    • Mrs Sarah Latimer Deputy Headteacher & Class Teacher
    • Mrs Hilary Young Class Teacher (Thursday)
    • Mrs Amanda Hooper Teaching Assistant
    • Ms Nicki Handscomb Teaching Assistant
    • Ms Sian Jefford 1:1 Teaching Assistant
    • Mrs Lynette Smith 1:1 Teaching Assistant

  2. Weekly Routine


    Forest School

    One morning a week the children will take part in forest school. We encourage the children to explore and evaluate what they experience from a sensory point of view during their time outside. Creating activities that focus on the changing seasons or link to the current class topics ensures they are able to engage in this alternative environment and supports their individual approach to learning.

    Recently Rainbow class have explored forest school by comparing the changes they can see as we come into autumn, as well as creating their own “bear hunt” after reading the story in class. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing for these sessions. Woollen tights or long trousers are preferred. We provide waterproof trousers that can be worn over the uniform, as well as wellington boots.


    The children will have the opportunity once a week to visit the school library. Here they will select a book of their choice, check it out and then they can take it home to enjoy with you for a week. They then bring it back on the assigned day, ready to check back in to the library catalogue where they are free to choose another title.

    (KS1- Within intergrated class)



    The children engage in a cooking based activity once a week. Each activity links to various aspects of the curriculum to enable them to put learning into context. I.e. weighing and measuring out the ingredients links to mathematics, whilst reading the recipe focuses on English and literacy. If appropriate the children will then have the choice to enjoy their food in golden time at the end of the day, or to place it in a sandwich bag and take it home.

Sensory Room

Multiple features such as bubble tubes with alternating lights, fibre optic technology and UV lighting all assist in creating a different environment to that of the classroom or playground, which in turn creates a calming atmosphere for the pupils accessing it. A projector with interchangeable scenarios also features and the children enjoy spending time watching it rotate whilst they sit on the large floor cushions or investigate the toy trays that have been set out.

Mostlty used in 1-1 scenarios, it is occasionally used to conduct small group activities such as reading a story to specific groups of children or holding a speech and language based session.

Rainbow Class

The classroom is set up with specific learning areas and corresponding display boards for activity association. The clear layout allows for organised approaches which the children benefit from a great deal.

The larger table mimics the format of a mainstream classroom and the children sit here to complete any handwritten work.

We have two class computers for the children to develop their IT skills and to explore computer based learning activities. They can investigate the tactile and the small world trays which are set up with links to current class topics.

Many class sessions include the use of our interactive whiteboard, from which the children can enhance their involvement in the lesson, guide certain activities and select individual preferences during choosing time.

Working in small groups with the board also helps to promote turn taking, as well as the notion of working alongside a peer to achieve a desired outcome.


Outside Area

This term the children in Rainbow class have been able to play and explore in their very own enclosed outside area. They have two trays set up for sensory play, usually with sand and water, which mimics the layout of the classroom set up and offers extensions on selected activities. We have a chalk board wall to develop fine motor skills using chalks or paintbrushes and sponges with water.

Rainbows have their own herb garden too, providing opportunity for further development of the senses where children can explore the scent of mint, lavender and basil amongst others. During forest school the children will also have access to the school vegetable patch, where they can observe and discover growth of plants and vegetables. This term the children also harvested some of the produce for parents to take home.