The theme of this year’s Safer Internet Day 2019 was
Together for a Better Internet‘.

Throughout the day KS1 covered how to stay smart, safe and kind online using resources from Azoomee.

Founding partners with the NSPCC, Azoomee is a new, online platform for children aged 5 to 9. It is a safe and secure space for them to watch, listen, play, learn, make, do and share. They have created SmartSafeKind online – a programme of short films, games and activities, all of which show how to be independent, safe and responsible online.

All the children took part in an online safety competition – to create their own information poster covering topics such as:

  • Be kind online
  • Things spread quickly online
  • What is online bullying?
  • Removing things from the internet
  • Are you spending too much time online?

New resources

Google have developed some wonderful resources to help you have a conversation at home around staying safe online, giving consent for the sharing of photos and other personal information, respecting others online and – most importantly – asking for help or advice if your child encounters anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable or upset.

Google’s ‘Be Internet Legends’