Year Two Curriculum


At present the school are using Sounds Write as our main phonics programme. This is supplemented by aspects of our former scheme, ERR and Jolly Phonics. Our Phonics Lead is Mrs Fran Housden.

In Key Stage One the teachers follow The National Curriculum.

Year 2 Curriculum

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Science Plants, Animals and their habitats

Food Chains

Materials and their Properties Basic Needs of Humans and other Animals What plants need to grow Life Cycles
Computing   Create, organise and store digital content   E-Safety    
History Famous People; Charles Darwin

Oliver Cromwell

Florence Nightingale

Edith Cavell

Hereward the Wake and William the Conqueror

Remembrance Sunday

The Great Fire of London

Famous Pioneers; Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers, George Stephenson, Thomas Andrews

  The English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell    
Geography         Contrasting localities Ely and Hunstanton Tocuaro, Mexico The UK
Art and Design Studies of Picasso, Lowry, Warhol and Pollock   Observational study: Spring Flowers


Designing and Making a bag

Making a card with moving parts Sculpture: Beach Art and Andy Goldsworthy

Painting Seascapes

RE The Life and teaching of Guru Nanak

The Khalsa

Vaisakhi and Easter, a comparison   The Gurdwara The Five 5ks
PSHE New Beginnings Getting On and Falling Out Going for Goals Good to be me Relationships

And Keeping Safe

Changes- transition to KS2
Educational Visit opportunities   Ely Museum   Hunstanton    

It is made up of the following subjects:


Please click on the heading to download our 2014-2015 English curriculum.


Please click on the heading to download our 2014-2015 Mathematics curriculum.


Children are given the opportunity to investigate and make first hand discoveries.


Children will be given the opportunities to develop their coding, word processing and publishing skills through the Purple Mash online curriculum. All the chidlren have their individual passwords and will have tasks that have been set up specifically by their class teachers. E-Safety is an integral component of our Computing curriculum.

  • Design and Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • P.E

Personal Social and Health Education including SEAL

The whole school follows the Social Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) programme. This teaches the children to develop the qualities and skills that help promote positive behaviour and effective learning. The children are taught to: understand other people’s points of view, work in a group, persevere at things when they are finding them difficult, resolve conflicts and manage worries. Each week we have a “Focus to Notice” e.g. remembering to say please and thank you using their manners. Children are praised for remembering to follow this with a leaf on our tree in the hall.

Religious Education

Pupils must also be given religious education, unless parents wish them to be withdrawn.

Sex Education is not taught at Spring Meadow Infant and Nursery School, but any questions that children may ask will be answered sensitively and honestly. You will be informed about your child’s question and the answer given.

In September 2010 the school began to teach through a creative curriculum. By careful planning teachers ensure all subjects are taught within each year. A theme generally runs for a term at a time. The children are provided with opportunities to help plan areas of their learning. This means that they are enthusiastic about what they are learning at school.

The children are taught in a variety of ways: class lessons, group work or individual tuition. Skills, knowledge and attitudes to learning are taught and we aim to provide each child with a broad and balanced curriculum suitable to their needs. The needs of higher ability children are met through increased differentiation.