Vision, Values and Mission

Spring Meadow infant and nursery school
 Vision, Values and Mission Statement



We value kindness, bravery and curiosity. Our children know and understand what each word means and every child at Spring Meadow works hard to achieve each value at all times.


At Spring Meadow our children are kind and brave young people who acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and compete in the world in which they live and grow. They are explorers who are curious and proactive, always seeking out answers to new questions and ideas. Their kindness and compassion for their fellow human beings enable them to live and grow in a safe and compassionate world. A world in which we all wish to live and grow!

To achieve our vision and values, every child demonstrates the following skills:

Every child learns to be kind through: 

  • Showing kindness and compassion to others; being a good friend at all times
  • Helping others; sharing and caring
  • Taking care of their school environment and the things they use including games, toys and the books they read and those they write in.
  • Understanding empathy towards others, considering how they might be feeling at differing times
  • Showing interest and respect towards the differences of others and celebrating diversity

Every child learns to be brave through:

  • Taking the lead in new tasks, encouraging others to try to do their best
  • Always doing their best in every task they encounter, however challenging
  • Never giving up. However tough the task seems, they always keep going, showing real perseverance and determination to achieve
  • Believing in themselves and their uniqueness as an active learner to always achieve.

Every child develops their curiosity through:

  • Experiencing learning through exciting and enjoyable experiences.
  • Receiving learning opportunities delivered by highly skilled and enthusiastic teaching teams.
  • developing their independence, seeking out new ways to find out new knowledge.
  • Having an enquiring mind, questioning and exploring new ideas.
  • Always listening carefully to their peers, teachers, parents and carers.
  • Collaborating with their friends and sharing their learning and their understanding.
  • Working as a part of a team, learning to share responsibilities to get the task done.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is for our pupils to grow into kind, brave, curious, confident and knowledgeable young people who are well prepared for the future. Pupils reach their full potential because we secure a good level of well-being for each child, where they can make a positive contribution to the community.

Confident young people strive to do well at all times and have great self-belief, through our creative teaching and learning opportunities, every child thrives and recognises in themselves the strengths and talents they have.

Knowledgeable young people have worked hard to learn the core skills they need to succeed in the world. Core skills, such as reading, writing and mathematics, along with scientific knowledge, place every child in the best position to succeed as they travel along life’s learning journey.

Well prepared for the future – children who have achieved what they need to when they need to, are well placed to learn at the optimum level when they transition into the next phase of their education. It is our mission to ensure every child is well prepared to manage the demands set as they move from Nursery to Reception, Reception into Year 1 and Year 1 into Year 2. We work closely with feeder schools to ensure the Year 2 children are ready for the experiences they will encounter as they enter KS2.

 Annette Blewett
Head Teacher